Personal Branding
& Automated online business
for demanding entrepreneurs

Because it is difficult to manage everything and deal with all the issues alone. Because nobody has really been prepared for such an adventure, and it is easy to get lost in the middle of all the digital tools.

I offer personalized follow-up to optimize your activity, while controlling costs. Whether it is branding new, under development, or already successful, you can count on me.


«I help freelancers to assert themselves with their brand image and to overcome technical and strategic blockages, in order to support them towards the success they deserve..»


Do you need a showcase site, a landing page or an e-commerce site”

Business card for any self-respecting infopreneur; it allows you to establish your online presence, and is the center of your eco-system.

Photo & Video

“Do you want a professional photo shooting or to shoot YouTube videos?”

A good site, the emotional connection of a sales page and an excellent branding are only possible with quality photographs and videos.

Business Strategy

“Are you looking for a YouTube strategy, SEO advice or ready for a product launch?”

Using an appropriate digital strategy and the right digital tools is essential for those who want to save time, money and energy.

Sales funnel

“Are you looking for more leads, a higher conversion rate or a higher turnover?”

I have the possibility of automating one’s activity; for example, setting up sales funnels is formidable for generating passive income.

Personal branding

Automated online business

Do you have a special need ? Let's find the solution.

Are you looking for a service provider to take over? Or maybe you are looking for expert advice to help you go faster and further? I’m your best ally.

They trust me

Some boosted entrepreneurs

Alexandre Cormont

Coach, best-selling author, speaker, investor

Alice Bédard

Osteopath DO for performing artists, trainer

Xavier Preterit

Coach, investor, real estate expert, author, speaker

Apollonia Ponti

Coach, dating & relationship expert, speaker, investor

Julien Raynard

Investment and entrepreneurship expert in the USA

Aude Froger

Personal development coach, speaker

Mickael Denis

Coach-trainer, professional masseur rewarded

Agnes De Reulle

Writer, expert in stress management

François Fortin

NLP Coach-Trainer, expert against emotional dependence

Nikolija Rajčić

Coach, emotions and hypersensitivity expert

Patrick Sulay

Coach-trainer, expert in neuroscience and Process Com

Isabelle Sherpa

Yoga coach-instructor, stress management expert

Hicham Akhadam

Mental coach, trainer, hypnotherapist, speaker

Aurore Menale

Coach, dating & relationship expert, influencer

Benoît Malige

US market and real estate investment expert

A few words about me

Place of residence
Gotham City

International Master in Computer Engineering at SUPINFO (Troyes)

14 years

Photo, video, storytelling, graphics, web design, web development, neuromarketing, digital strategy etc …


My other activities
Coach Payet

In short
I travel and challenge myself to discover the different ways and tools to help everyone to become their own hero.